About the Chamber

American Canyon's diverse and vibrant businesses foster a strong quality of life for the community

To be a professional organization that is a catalyst for business development and community prosperity 

How do we do this day to day? ....we set GOALS!


In November of 2007 we started a Governmental Affairs Committee (GAC). The ultimate focus of our GAC is to influence governmental policies, programs and regulations to enhance the business climate in our community. Our strategy is to analyze proposed local, state and federal legislation, regulations and ordinances. The Committee will research and advocate for new or revised programs for legislation to improve, not burden, local business. Although new, we have analyzed, studied and taken positions on ballot propositions and measures, sent questionnaires to candidates and posted the results, hosted forums and interviews and through various mediums advised the public of the outcome. It is a GAC goal to become more vocal regarding legislation that adversely affects our business community.

The Economic and Business Development (EBD) Committee started in 2010. Its focus is on holding breakfast events members (and the community). These events are educational, focusing on a different aspect of running your business. Past topics covered include marketing, finance, starting a business, and more intrinsic topics like mindset and motivation as factors of success.

The Chamber has taken the lead in organizing business groups within American Canyon. Two groups, the GRID (Green Island business district) and the CORE (Highway 29 corridor businesses), meet on a quarterly basis to discuss issues of particular important to them. The City of American Canyon is in attendance as well. This ensures the business community's voice is heard by the commerce "rule-makers." 

With the help and support of the business community and our community at large, the American Canyon Chamber of Commerce has grown into a quality resource that can be counted on.

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