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    I Am, I Can Spotlight

    I am Tracey Nauright. I wear several hats.

Personally, I am a wife, a mother, a dog/cat/chicken owner, an aspiring chef (in my own mind), a volunteer and a food and wine adorer. (I passed wine lover a long time ago!) Professionally, I have owned my Graphic Design company, Round Like A Circle, for 17 years, and this past year started a new “side gig” working with the Boisset Collection of Wines doing private wine tastings, custom labeled wines and and also selling their wines direct to the consumer.

You may have seen some of my work around town - I've designed the AHI Swim team logo (and coordinate all of their spirit wear), as well as the Donaldson Way Dragon and the ACHS Robototics Club logo. I also have designed Dr. Pestana’s new logo, as well as custom wine labels for Kasama Lee and Selwa Hamati. Since my passion is wine, I’ve worked with several wineries over the years - I have designed all of the labels at Mumm Napa - including the San Francisco Giants Sparkling wine and all of the labels for Carlos Santana’s bubbles that are produced at Mumm.

I have lived in American Canyon since 2003 with my husband Allen and two beautiful daughters, Lily (15) and Berke (13). I love to cook and pair wines with those meals. I also love to grow veggies - we average about 24 (ish) tomato plants each year so I can make my famous (at least in my house) marinara sauce. Allen’s from South Carolina, so we can the sauce so we can enjoy it all year long! 

I love that every single time I go to grab a cup of coffee locally, I always run into someone I know. 

I can….

My company, Round Like a Circle Graphic Design is a full service Graphic Design company. Full service means that we can work with you to help guide you in creating your brand identity, design your logo, business cards & letterhead suite, your packaging materials, your collateral materials, advertising, property signage, and pretty much anything that would represent your company in the physical world (translation, we don’t do web stuff) all the way through printing.

What makes us different from other design agencies is that we have a printing background (as in we used to work at an actual printer so we can
    We all have special skills and talents. Together we are American Canyon!