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Our Member Engagement Team Has Generated Hundreds of Locally Spent Dollars and a New Way to Engage Our Members & Volunteers!

To increase membership engagement, promote local businesses, generate dollars spent locally, and breathe new life and excitement into our volunteer and ambassador programs, the American Canyon Chamber of Commerce has created the Membership Engagement Team. The MET meets monthly at a different location. The location gives the group a quick overview of their business and the MET experience the business for themselves as a collective group of paying customers. The MET is open to our members, volunteers and ambassadors. To join in on these outings, contact Valerie at or call the office to speak with her (707)552-3650!

The MET has enjoyed 4 outings together in 2019 and has plans to finish out their year with monthly outings. Check out where the MET has explored below!

Eagle Vines MET Outing
The American Canyon Chamber of Commerce’s Member Engagement Team planned a fun day out to explore the Eagle Vines golf course. We began with lunch in their beautiful restaurant, where we all found our lunch to be beyond up to par. We finished up our afternoon hitting a few balls and exploring the grounds of the Golf Course.

Eagle Vines

With the spectacular views that North Bay has to offer, it’s no surprise the Eagles Vines Golf Course is any different. Located in South Napa, this golf course is a beautiful little getaway during your visit to The Napa Valley or just a friendly 18 holes with great company. Looking for a unique experience while you are golfing? Then you want to order lunch, drinks and snacks for yourself. You will be nothing but intrigued by the robots that deliver treats right to your hole. They are the only golf course in the area to add this type of technology to their establishment. Eagles Vines golf course is a must for all golfers.

Table 29 MET Outing
The American Canyon Chamber of Commerce’s Member Engagement Team planned a nice happy hour outing at Table 29 at the DoubleTree Hotel. This was an evening filled with great appetizers, fabulous wines and full bar menu. We spent several hours admiring the gorgeous grounds of the lagoon and chatting with great company.

Table 29

If you are looking to unwind after a long day of wine tasting. This glamorous lagoon is a relaxing getaway with a full-service restaurant indoor and outdoor seating.

Table 29

If sipping great cocktails and wine near the fountain is what you enjoy then, this is the spot for you. Many drought-resistant plants are incorporated for sustainability while making it feel like a peaceful retreat. On a summer Saturday night, you can catch a movie under the stars. This is a great place to come for date night, fun night with friends or just to grab a few drinks and some munchies after a long workday.

Laso MET Outing
The American Canyon Chamber of Commerce’s Membership Engagement Team headed to the brand-new restaurant in town, Laso. We felt like family in this beautifully elegant establishment. We tried several different menu options and were blown away by all our choices. All the items were made to order with very fresh ingredients.


If you are looking for a great restaurant in American Canyon. Try Laso! It is a modern upscale restaurant conveniently located in the gateway to the Napa Valley. This newly opened establishment will be sure to make you feel like part of the family when you arrive.


They have a very delicious and unique menu, with a Nepalese twist on traditional American favorites. This is a great place to just grab a few small plates and a glass of wine or go all-in with one of the amazing Nepalese entrees. Whatever route you choose to take, you will not be disappointed by their amazing quality.

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