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The American Canyon Chamber of Commerce is committed to its mission; to be a catalyst for business growth & development, a convener of leaders & influencers, and a champion for a thriving American Canyon. That’s why the American Canyon Chamber of Commerce has partnered with the Workplace Training Institute to convene Green Island businesses (GRID) to participate in their ESL (English as a second language) Course. This twenty-one-hour program allows for those whose first language is not English to increase their fluency and allow for better communication in professional settings between ESL employees and their employers. 

“Students who complete our Workplace Training Institute English as a Second Language Courses have increased confidence in their English skills which puts them on the path  to gain the skills they need to get promoted in their careers and earn a living wage in Napa County.” says Nieves Ochoa, ESL Coordinator of Napa Valley Adult Education, “We are honored to work together with the American Canyon Chamber of Commerce and their GRID partners!” 

The American Canyon Chamber of Commerce knows these courses will be a catalyst for these workers not only to strengthen their English proficiency skills, but become more fruitful employees at the workplace. By convening with an organization like the Workforce Training Institute, the Chamber is being a champion for our local businesses by providing opportunities for our businesses to thrive and to create and sustain the local workforce. 

If you are interested in signing up some of your employees for an ESL Class, contact the Chamber today!

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