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The Green Island District is one of the hidden gems in the city of American Canyon. Big companies with big buildings, are doing big business out on the GR.I.D. As a growing Chamber, we know how important supporting the GR.I.D. means to our community, and we don’t take it lightly.


Safety concerns are an ongoing topic for the Green Island District (GR.I.D.) Business Group.  The Chamber worked with the AC Police recently and implement automated license plate readers (ALPRs) to help with prevention and recovering loss at these businesses. It has helped tremendously and continues to be a solid crime deterrent.

ALPRs are an effective tool for law enforcement, cutting down on the time required for investigations and acting as a force multiplier for agencies with limited budgets. 


The American Canyon Chamber of Commerce is active in meeting with key business leaders on a regular basis to discuss needs and concerns out on the GR.I.D. This is accomplished with quarterly GR.I.D. meetings, discussing crime prevention, ESL language courses, day care and commute services as well as just listening to the community concerns of the employees. Everyone matters and the Chamber works hard to listen and act on the pressing needs of the GR.I.D. business owners and their employees.

Reach out to the Chamber

If you are an American Canyon business “on the GRID” and are interested in participating, please reach out to Valerie Zizak-Morais, President and CEO of the American Canyon Chamber, at to learn more. 

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